Pavilions and Patio Covers

Over The Edge Outdoor challenges contemporary thinking when it comes to both design and carpentry of pavilions and patio covers. Our Designers and Project Managers have worked with some of the best Master Craftsmen Carpenters, you might even say they challenge one another, in order to design and build beautiful outdoor structures.

A beautiful outdoor structure, attached to the home, should look as if it were built with the home. Those that stand alone, should enhance the home and property. The aesthetics should be complementary but, they need not be boring. As you can see looking through our gallery, our Master Craftsman Carpenters, our projects often include radius roof lines that complement the patio or freeform pool. Over the years, we have learned to incorporate materials for leak free roofs that others have never considered. As with all of our structures, we recommend, Real Western Red Cedar is used.

Our goal is to open up spaces and create clutter free views. Often, we remove existing posts and incorporate specially designed Engineered Beams, trimmed and finished, to span distances others will never consider. Once completed, you will wonder how you ever spent so much time inside rather than relaxing in the fresh air.