Arbors & Pergolas

Most people never consider the quality of materials and the craftsmanship that sets premium arbors & pergolas apart from the rapidly installed and manufactured kits. This is where Over The Edge Outdoor designed arbors and pergolas stand out above all others in Tulsa and Northeast Oklahoma. It may seem difficult to believe but, most arbors & pergolas sold in Northeast Oklahoma are actually built by one sub-contractor. The reason for this is quite simple; arbors & pergolas are a high profit addition to many landscape, hard-scape and pool projects. Few have considered just how beautiful these wonderful shade structures can be.

Every arbor & pergola we design, is a uniquely considered enhancement to a Master Plan Design. Over The Edge Outdoor always recommends Real Western Red Cedar, a premium lumber product. Our arbors & pergolas are finished as well as any pavilion. All wiring for lights and fans are hidden with finish carpentry. No small detail is missed. Browse our gallery, and you will get a sense of our commitment to designing and building wonderful projects that withstand the test of time.