Outdoor Living

Great outdoor living spaces alter the way our clients live. We hear stories of more time spent outside, enjoying fresh air, sunlight and entertaining without a need to limit the guest list.

In most cases, our clients have been considering the best way to improve their property for years. Families have had discussions and even illustrated the possibilities for their outdoor living space. Our designers know how important it is to become a collaborator in the process rather than a dictator. Their experience may cause certain ideas to be reconsidered, others to be altered or enhanced but, your ideas are never belittled.

In those cases where they arrive and the client has no ideas. We have experience in processing your personal tastes, preferences and goals for the space. Visiting your home is critical to this process as, nothing will reflect your personal preferences as your home will.

We like to say we are different, our approach to this profession is different. In reality, that statement isn’t one that we have tested. In our past experience, we had an understanding of what previous companies did that was good and where it seemed they failed. Over The Edge Outdoor was founded on enhancing those positive aspects and placing emphasis on proactively addressing those negatives.