The Design Season


Fall is the best outdoor living design season. In addition to being an excellent planting season, Fall is that time when designers can dedicate additional time. Each project gets a little more attention.

Yes, you read that right. Designers are nocturnal creatures. Creativity is enhanced in those seasons where sunlight is limited, as a result. Humor aside, for the next several months our design team has more time to focus on your project. The construction limitations of colder weather, results in less time in the field. In addition to time, the holiday season lifts the mood and brings us closer to family.

As we move through December and January, the urgency of spring grows. Due to growing demand, the time between design and presentation grows. In addition to demand, designers are more likely to spend time on site.

Projects that begin over the next couple months will easily be complete for the beginning of Spring. Of course, the best time to make a construction zone out of your property is when it’s too cold to enjoy the outdoors. Winter construction is slower than spring. However, your pool will be ready for the first day of the season.

If you have been considering spending next spring enjoying your new pool, spa and/or an Outdoor Living structure, this is the time to contact your designer.