Outdoor Design in 2017


Design has constantly changed. The perception of certain styles and trends have imposed themselves upon designers in different manners throughout time. The design of outdoor spaces is not immune to these changes, nor should it be. The culture at Over The Edge centers our design on creating timeless spaces that flow intuitively, based on the desired use of the space; reflect the home and property; allow the materials to direct the design; consider the taste and requests of the property owner… in that order. At first, it may seem odd that the customers taste and requests are considered last on our list.

Over The Edge Outdoor Design

Over the years we have come to find that it is more important to create value in the spaces we design. The first step that must be considered is how the space will be used. Not just in the immediate period following construction but, in the decades following. As families grow, the dynamics of the use of spaces throughout the home changes. Children will age, bringing about different needs from the home and property. Parents become grandparents and grandparents, great grandparents. Last, property owners reach a time where they wish to sell the property. The impact outdoor spaces have on such transactions must be considered from the beginning.

In 2017 design will focus on the contrast between contemporary reflections and spaces that reflect an organic flow within properties. These will be directed, from a design standpoint, in the culture mentioned earlier. Our design staff is up to the task.