Design Process

3D CAD Design

Our design process employs a 3D CAD Design Software specifically developed for pool, landscape, hardscape and outdoor living design. We begin with Geographical Data that accurately inputs your terrain. If that Data is too old or not available with sufficient detail, we have specialized aerial platforms that map your terrain within the inch. Our designers have years of experience using this software and begin with recreating your property, in detail. The CAD design is rendered into a 3D tour using a sophisticated gaming engine (computer jargon for the same programming used for 3D games), allowing you to walk through your project before we ever break ground.

The process begins with the submission of a contact form or a phone call to schedule a consultation with a designer. In this visit, your designer will discuss your goals for your outdoor living space, share his/her ideas while introducing the company and the different options available to you. If it is decided that you wish to move forward and have a design prepared, measurements and photos will be taken and the design process begins. Once your design is completed to your satisfaction, the matter of building your project can be discussed in detail, allowing you to choose how to best proceed.

While this specialized software is used by several local firms, we believe you will find the quality of your design will vary greatly based on the talent of the designer. The design team works from the same principle; Design each project from a construction perspective. In other words, design each project to be built. We believe that using the designer as the project manager gives a unique perspective on the design, itself.

You, of course, can decide for yourself as we post design videos to our YouTube Channel and highlight a few, for you, on this page.