The Art of Engineering

With some truly stand-out design and finished work; we struggled to find those projects that stretched the normal thought process to qualify as exceptional. When we classify a build as, “The Art of Engineering” we look for those projects that presented a true obstacle or challenge. Extending a patio cover by removing the existing posts, using an Engineered Beam (LVL), and truly altering the entire perception of the space.

There is the one where 4 posts were removed, replaced by one, cantilevered back, we just love that one. The reaction of the clients friends before and after, was priceless.

Our design team is always thinking of ways to open up the space. Think of this the same way architects opened the kitchen areas of homes into the living spaces, knocking out traditional walls. The approach is to use as few posts as possible to create a very sound structure, supplementing the build with advanced materials. Perhaps materials designed to hold the second story of a home over the opening of a two car garage. These materials have typically been limited to use indoors. However, we have found that our finish carpenters can enclose these materials in a manner that beautifies the project over a solid cedar beam.

In the end you have pavilions and heavy lumber arbors with long spans between posts; natural rock bridges over water, swim tunnels cut from real stone and pretension, free-standing, concrete. It makes an amazing difference to the finished project.