Outdoor Living by Design

Over The Edge Outdoor has been in the planning stages for almost a decade. Mutual admiration of outdoor living industry professionals began the idea of developing a very different kind of service company. It all begins with a diverse design staff. Architectural Designers and Landscape Designers would be typically found throughout the industry. However, engaging Designers from Motion Graphics, Graphic Design and Industrial Design has expanded the way each project is approached. The Design Team doesn’t simply consider how the end project will look. Their goal is to create a space that feels special to those who occupy it. Every member of the design staff has experience with outdoor living project management; adding a very unique perspective.

From the beginning the focus of Over The Edge Outdoor was service. Experience has taught us that servicing the client proactively negates most of the negatives that arise in the outdoor construction profession. The key to great service is sincere communication. It is fascinating that so many companies miss something so incredibly simple.

One of the last pieces was our Customer Service Team, and we believe you will quickly recognize that this is where Over The Edge Outdoor truly stands apart. Working closely with the Designer – Project Manager is the Project Coordinator. This is a service professional, proactively communicating with clients several times per week, assuring the client is aware of weather forecasts and how they will impact the job, and assuring materials and crews are coordinated for the most efficient construction of your project.

Working as a team, you will most likely meet your Designer and the Project Coordinator that works alongside them on your initial consultation.