Landscape Design and Installation

Northeast Oklahoma is one of the most difficult climates for landscape design. Every year we see new landscape companies come and go. Most of those that go, underestimated the degree of difficulty for designing successful garden areas in this climate.

The design team for landscaping has decades of experience with the various climates, soils and weather we face. Great landscapes are planned through disciplined designs. The idea of a great landscape garden is to layer the plants in a manner that hides those that go dormant with plants that thrive year-round or come to life in opposite seasons. It’s our experience that this type of design brings the most value from the original investment from our clients.

Of course, landscape design also includes irrigation, drainage and lighting. This is where our design program brings amazing value. We begin with Geographical Data that accurately inputs your terrain. If that Data is too old or not available with sufficient detail, we have specialized aerial platforms that map your terrain within the inch. The CAD design is rendered into a 3D tour using a sophisticated gaming engine (computer jargon for the same programming used for 3D games), allowing you to walk through your project before we ever break ground.