Craftsman Quality Stonework

Natural rock gives a certain look to outdoor living spaces. Quality stonework begins where most pay the least attention, in quality stone. Nature did not create all stone equally. More specifically, all stone does not transition to outdoor living projects equally.

Excellent Stone Craftsmen are rare in Northeast Oklahoma. That is a statement you probably will not hear from many companies yet, it is true. Our experience has identified a few of the best craftsmen and teams in the area. Full disclosure, the best craftsmen do not work for us, or any company, exclusively. As you can imagine, there are many ways to employ great craftsmen for a project.  They can be handed a design and left to their own resources or they can be professionally managed. A builder can elect to allow the stone craftsman to supply materials or employ them for the skills they possess in setting stone properly. Over The Edge Outdoor recommends the latter. Our project managers choose the stone and materials, most often in consultation, with the client. Our experience allows a client to know which rock will give the look and quality intended.

When work begins, our project managers can be on site to assure the work follows the intended design and expectation of quality. This is the best practice we have found to assure amazing stonework in Tulsa and throughout Northeast Oklahoma.