Outdoor Kitchens

Incorporating grills, refrigerators, smokers and other appliances into a permanent structure built to withstand decades of ever-changing Northeast Oklahoma Weather. That is the challenge of designing and building great outdoor kitchens.

We have heard other companies use different construction methods for outdoor kitchens. If you are looking for a kitchen that might last a few seasons, this may be your best option. Like our Fireplaces, we design every outdoor kitchen to stand the test of time and weather. It begins with a reinforced concrete footing, reinforced cinderblock frame and we finish with real rock, a concrete based plaster finish, or (in unique cases) a hardwood veneer.

Most of our clients choose to install top grade Stainless Steel appliances. Over The Edge Outdoor is Certified to design with DCS Outdoor Appliences. Protecting that investment is a top consideration during design and construction. You can build a cheaper outdoor kitchen, that is always an option. Our goal is to design and build an outdoor kitchen that looks as good in 10 years, as it does that day it is complete.