The goal of a great outdoor living space is bringing people together. It never fails, when we design fire-pits into projects, our clients can’t help but share stories of how much they use them. They become the attraction that pulls the family outdoors. A place to have morning coffee, all year-round. Great for reading, relaxing, contemplating, unwinding and enjoying the company of others.

The design team has become highly creative with the sizes, shapes and placement of fire-pits. They may adorn a short wall, accompany a water feature; they make an excellent centerpiece dug into the ground surrounded by seating created by heavy boulders. They can even exist within a water feature, where the fire rises to dance atop the water. They burn real wood or can be built to light at the flip of a switch, even remotely.

Our love of designing and building fire-pits most likely reflects the joy they bring our clients. After all, that is the reason we exist.