Luxury Wood Decking

We have to admit, Brazilian Hardwoods are our favorite material for decking. Composites can be easier to work with, much less intense to install. Luxury Wood Decking is a material for truly exceptional carpenters.

Hardwood Decks begin with the same substructure, starting with the best treated lumber available. Every substructure is built with hand picked #2 Prime Lumber, treated for resistance to pests and deterrence from weather damage. Primary structure boards are flashed before the deck-boards are installed and you will never find a nail in our substructure. We use the highest quality, coated, lag bolts for construction.

Every luxury wood deck is finished with attention to detail. The end of every board are smoothed to prevent cracking and splitting, the highest quality blades and drills are used to assure your hardwood finish is not compromised.

Over The Edge Outdoor offers several choices when it comes to hardwood decking. Your designer is experienced with these materials and can best advise you based on your budget and the overall aesthetic of your project.