Concrete Patio and Decking

Tulsa and Northeast, Oklahoma have a mixed history with concrete patio and decking. We could analyze this for days. However, it is our belief that too little attention is paid to using quality materials. Over The Edge Outdoor begins every concrete deck, patio, walkway project with a layer of compacted gravel sufficient to allow water to sufficiently drain without eroding the foundational soil. Next our concrete is a 4000 PSI mixture, reinforced with #3 rebar on 12 inch centers and a steel mesh, tied over the rebar. While other outdoor builders might find these standards too costly, our experience shows this initial investment can save huge costs, both financially and reputation, in the future.

Using a 4000 PSI mixture (rather than the typical 3000 PSI) allows textures and/or stamping to hold more consistent patterns. Your concrete will resist spalling and our reinforcement standard assists in creating a structural integrity that will withstand most occurrences of settling.

We cut no corners when it comes to finishing, stamping, adding texture, and/or staining the end product. Our concrete finishers have decades of experience under a variety of conditions.