Composite Decking

Focusing on design has given us challenges when it comes to composite decking. Don’t take that wrong, few construction materials have advanced as much. The latest Bamboo Composites are exciting materials. The latest composites are encapsulated in a material similar to that used to cover golf balls for increased durability and UV defense against fading. Technology has even given the ability to create radius edges that work extremely well with freeform pools and our style of pavilions and arbors. The design team has created some amazing composite deck projects.

Composite Decks are one of the better options for the Northeast Oklahoma climate. We have found this material can deliver a high quality look when certain considerations and customization’s are made. Our goal, as it is in everything we do, is to bring a high degree of value to every project we design and build.

The advancements in Bamboo Composite Decking allows for a full 25 year manufacturers warranty on your deck-boards. To support that warranty, we have committed to using Prime #2 Treated Lumber with no bark, few knots and guaranteed to remain straight and true, or Steel, in our decking substructure give our composite decking the foundation needed for a beautiful finished project. Every Deck Substructure is built using coated lag bolts, you will never find a nail. Finally, we flash the primary support rafters for an extra degree of protection from the elements before installing our deck-boards.

In every composite deck design we make an effort to blend organic materials; rock benches, fireplaces, fire-pits and rock columns. These touches have given our designers a greater passion for non-organic materials.