Decks & Patios

Northeast Oklahoma is an area where decks & patios define certain properties. Our designers have a special love for creating spaces with a mixture of textures, complimentary colors and materials. They love using concrete with a variety of finishes, the finest hardwoods from South America, Western Red Cedar and the most advanced composites that combine Bamboo and Other Hardwoods for a maintenance free surface.

Our concrete decks are designed to be built with a much higher degree of integrity. Our concrete decking begins with a 4000 PSI mixture, reinforced with #3 rebar on 12 inch centers and a steel mesh, tied over the rebar. This may seem like overkill. However, in areas with sandy soil and clay that settles for decades, it provides the highest degree of integrity, extremely low chance of spalling and cracking. While most outdoor builders might find these standards too costly, our experience shows this initial investment can save huge costs, both financially and in our reputation, in the future.

For our Composite and Luxury Wood Decking, our substructures are designed above the highest standards. We begin with Prime #2 Lumber that is guaranteed to hold straight and true, while being treated for resistance to insects, fungus, bacteria and weather. This assures your substructure will not warp or bend once the deck is complete. You will never find a nail in our decks, we use the most advanced, coated screws and fasteners.

Building beyond the standards may seem more expensive, and we admit, our pricing will never win a bidding war. Our focus is on creating a high value project that will bring as much pleasure in 10 years as it does the day it is complete.