Different by Design

It is difficult to explain how much we love what we do. Our design team and service staff may have diverse backgrounds, experience and talent. Yet, when it comes to designing outdoor living spaces and bringing them to life, there is a visible passion that will only be witnessed if you take the time to meet with us.

We began by designing a company that allowed customers real choices in both design and construction. Our first priority is design, every project begins at design. Every step of the process is in your control. Once the design is complete, it is the property of the customer. You always own your design, you control how a project moves forward. With a Master-plan Design, projects can be constructed in stages over time, allowing flexibility in your investment.

Company Culture can be explained quite simply; “We know why we love what we do.” It’s the first question any team member or certified building partner is asked; “Why do you do this?” Answers vary but, if it doesn’t reflect a true love for building the best projects and watching people light up when they are finished, you don’t fit. Whether the desire is to work for us or with us, a passion for creating the best outdoor living spaces is a necessity.

While the company began with a focus on passionate designers, the foundation was centered on creating an amazing service experience. This isn’t some altruistic pledge. The fact is; servicing the client makes everyone happier, it makes every job easier and every day more enjoyable. Rather than locking the customer into a rigid process, our designers and project managers create a flexible plan that matches your needs.

In the end, the “Why” is simple; We make the life of our clients better. They will spend decades building memories around the project we designed specifically for them. A space to relax, unwind, smile, laugh and create memories. It is our belief most who practice this profession never realize the beauty of it.